Nicosia IVF Centre

What is Sperm Freezing?

Sperm freezing is the freezing of reproductive cells (sperm) taken from men in a laboratory environment with a special process.

Frozen sperm are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C. The low freezing temperature ensures that the sperms are stored for a long time without being damaged.

The viability rates and quality of frozen sperm when thawed do not deteriorate. As Nicosia IVF Center, our rate of obtaining healthy embryos with frozen sperm is 99%.

Who Is Sperm Freezing Recommends?

  • For men who want to be fathers at an advanced age
  • Before chemotherapy for men undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of diseases such as cancer
  • Men whose ovaries (testes) need to be removed due to various diseases

No drug treatment is required for sperm freezing.