Nicosia IVF Centre

The industrial age in which we are all living has not only negatively affected women and children, but it also affected men. The negativity has reached a point that in recent years, WHO (World Health Organisation) decreased the ideal sperm values for reproduction. For instance, the minimum required semen amount was 2 cc 3 to 4 years ago whereas it is now 1,5 cc, and for spontaneous generation 20 million ml of sperm cells were required, now this amount has declined to 15 million cells.

Under these circumstances, if sperm cells can not be retrieved by medical treatment or surgical interventions (such as TESA, TESE, Micro TESE) and if the couple has no other choice, they may choose to use the sperm bank.

In our center, we prefer to use legally established sperm banks. Our policy on this matter is so clear that we encourage the couples to make their choice from the websites of the legit sperm banks’ that we recommend. Naturally, for couples who do not prefer to make a choice, their doctor may proceed with this selection with regards to race, religion, physical appearance or educational background.