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What is IUI?

IUI is based on the process of transferring sperm cells to the expectant mother by making them better quality in laboratory conditions. The aim is to allow the sperm to be deposited closer to the egg and reach the egg more easily.

Before starting the treatment, couples should try every way to get pregnant in normal ways. If the couples cannot have the child they want after having an unprotected and regular relationship for 1 year, the IUI method is applied as a result of the tests. The IUI method is an extremely fast and simple method. Depending on the development of medicine and advanced technology, a painless and painless procedure awaits the expectant mother with the help of an advanced catheter. The father's sperm is delivered to the mother's uterus with the help of a highly developed catheter and fertilization is expected to occur.

There are some criteria and conditions for the application of the IUI method. There must be sperm production in the male and egg production in the female. Otherwise, the IUI process will not take place because fertilization cannot occur. The results of the treatment are also expected from the couples undergoing infertility treatment.

At the stage of infertility treatment, IUI treatment method is not applied to couples.

Depending on the cause of infertility, IUI can provide an increase of 5-20% compared to normal intercourse. The chance increases slightly as the number of applications increases. Although there is no theoretical limit, it is not necessary as it is not helpful to try more than 6-7 times. If the age factor and the duration of infertility increase, direct in vitro fertilization and microinjection can be started even without trying IUI.