Frequently Asked Questions

Nicosia IVF Centre

What is the embryo freezing?
In eggs from female as many tubes in the laboratory, obtained by fertilization method if frozen embryo can be transferred later.
This way, the difficulty and cost of obtaining pregnancy before the next application if the application is reduced..
Who can get İVF treatment ?

Eggs taken from the ovaries and fertilized egg is normally fertilized in the fallopian tubes into the uterus come in about 1 week. This pollination circuit this time it was held outside the body (in vitro fertilization) fertilization outside the body, we call popularly known as the IVF.

IVF taking causes;
Blockage of the tubes,

The poor state of lack or quality of male sperm count. the amount of sperm required in this process is much less than sufficient amounts of sperm to conceive naturally.

Cases where there is no sperm in the semen of men. Men from the testicles (ovaries) of sperm into eggs taken part in pregnancy may be obtained by injection.

Immunological problems

Directly to require an IVF treatment in the long term from other infertility (artificial insemination, ovulation drugs, etc.) is not received results can be tried in vitro fertilization treatment.

I am in menapause , may I still have children ?
Having a healthy uterus every woman can have children. Because menopause is now cherished by your own eggs to have children even if you can get your child conceived through egg donation treatment arms.
Can we make our follow-up outside the country?
This is possible unless there is a communication problem between us and the obstetrician in your city. In many cities is working a lot of friends, you're a close friend signpost for us to be examined.
Egg collection is a painful procedure ?
Egg collection is not a painful process. The process can be easily used with sedatives and pain medication intravenously. Rarely may require deeper anesthesia.
No sperm in my husband, can we still have children?
TESA Micro semen in a sperm cell in candidate unobservable father, TES and TES operations with testicular sperm in samples taken from tissue FOUND. 
What is PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) method ?
IVF treatment in one or two cells taken from embryos that are genetically healthy embryo selection and application of specific genetic analyzes of these cells is the process of being transferred to the womb.
PGD method in outside of genetic diseases, gender determination (the girl who wants a baby girl, a man who wants a baby boy) application is made.