Nicosia IVF Centre

Embryo freezing is an option we recommend if you have good quality embryos after your transfer. With embryos that we freeze after IVF, egg donation, sperm donation and PGD procedures, we offer our mother and father candidates the chance for a second baby and sibling.

Embryo freezing is the freezing of embryos in a laboratory environment with a special process. Frozen embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C.

The low freezing temperature ensures that the embryos are stored for a long time without being damaged.

Your frozen embryos are kept in small tubes on which your name is written and specially prepared for you in our center.

Advantages of Embryo Freezing for Couples

  • The risk of multiple pregnancy is reduced,
  • It increases the couple's total chance of pregnancy by performing both fresh and freeze-thaw transfer after stimulation of the ovaries once.
  • It is more economical for the couple, less physically tiring and a shorter treatment chance is obtained.
  • Embryos frozen by obtaining permission from the couples,with a law prepared and enacted by the Ministry of Health in Turkey, it can be stored in liquid nitrogen for 5 years.