Nicosia IVF Centre

Women’s place in the community is rapidly changing, more women are focusing on their career and they get married at a later stage in their lives. The number of couples that postpone their parenthood plans are therefore increasing. As a woman gets older, her ovarian reserve decreases and as a result of this, her reproductive potential decreases. In addition, the ovarian reserves decrease at an earlier age in some women and so do their chances of pregnancy. This is true mainly for women who have early menopause in their family, who has endometriosis, have undergone ovarian surgery or chemotherapy. For this reason, more and more women have concerns about being able to have children in the future.

  • Patients of rapidly progressing and surgical candidate endometriosis>
  • Patients who must have chemotherapy or undergo radiotherapy on the pelvic area>
  • Patients who may get married at a later age or who want to delay their childbearing age
  • Women with early menopause history in their family and who wish to have children at a later stage in their lives;

may choose to have their eggs frozen.

What Should I Do for Egg Freezing?

Firstly, women who want to have their eggs frozen, undergo some tests and their suitability for the treatment is assessed. In order to retrieve as many egg cells as possible in one menstrual cycle, ovarian stimulation is performed under doctor’s monitoring. Upon completing the egg oocyte, the patient is informed about their oocyte Pick-Up time (OPU) and their departure time to Cyprus. In Cyprus, the oocyte Pick-Up (OPU) is performed and after necessary procedures the egg freezing is carried out. If the patient’s health conditions are satisfactory, she is allowed to fly the next day.