EMBRYO DONATION (anonymous donor)

Nicosia IVF Centre

What is the Embryo DonationTreatment Process?

In order to perform embryo donation, first of all, a donor who will match the blood group and physical characteristics of the parents is sought.Since the sperm is frozen or fresh does not affect its quality, the sperm cell is brought from the sperm bank in frozen form.As for eggs, since the success rates of frozen eggs are lower than fresh eggs, they always prepare fresh eggs.

When treatment is started, first of all, the menstrual cycle of the expectant mother is checked.If our patient does not menstruate, she is prepared for treatment with the program determined for the preparation of the uterus with menstrual-regulating drugs.This process takes about 16-18 days.In this process, in order to evaluate the patient's uterine response, the patient may be asked to be examined on certain days, and the drug program can be changed according to the results.

If the mother no longer menstruates due to reasons such as menopause, the mother can also start the treatment directly on the day the donor will start the treatment.

In embryo donation, approximately 10-12 days after the start of the treatment at the fertilization stage, the developed eggs are collected from the donor and fertilized with the sperm cell brought from the sperm bank on the same day.On the last day of fertilized embryos for 5 days, they are transferred to the mother's uterus painlessly, under ultrasound guidance.

12 days after the embryo transfer, the pregnancy result is learned by looking at the pregnancy in the blood.

It is a treatment method applied in cases where the reproductive cells of both mother and father-to-be are insufficient or absent due to various reasons.

To whom do we recommend Embryo Donation?

  • For those who are older
  • For those with early menopause
  • It is recommended for couples who cannot use reproductive cells for many reasons such as hereditary diseases or who do not have reproductive cells.

How is the selection of individuals who will donate eggs and sperm be made?

Donor selection is a very sensitive issue in our center. In line with the information we will receive from you, we choose the most suitable donor for each family.

Donors are selected as similar as possible to the recipient couples in terms of blood groups, ethnic origins and external appearance characteristics.

Confidentiality is essential during the treatment and personal information about the donor is not given to the parents, while the donor is not given any information about the mother and father.

Embryo Donation Treatment Process

  1. Donors suitable for the family are prepared by our center for embryo donation.
  2. The expectant mother starts using oral contraceptives and then drugs that thicken the inner wall of the uterus.During this period, ultrasound controls of the expectant mother are also performed. This process is carried out from your location.
  3. The duration of drug use continues for approximately 16-18 days.After the drug use period ends, the expectant mother should be present at our center for the transfer process. The father-to-be does not need to be in our center during this period. The expectant mother can return after the transfer process.
  4. 12 days after the transfer process, the expectant mother can learn the result by taking a blood pregnancy test from her location. The mother continues to use some hormonal drugs after the transfer process is over.