Nicosia IVF Centre

Egg freezing is the freezing of reproductive cells (eggs) taken from the woman in a laboratory environment with a special process.

Frozen eggs are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C.

The low freezing temperature ensures that the eggs are stored for a long time without being damaged. Eggs frozen in our center can be reused with 95% success when thawed.

Who Is The Egg Freezing Process Recommended For?

  • Women who want to become mothers at an advanced age
  • Pre-chemotherapy for women undergoing chemotherapy for the treatment of diseases such as cancer.
  • Women whose ovaries need to be removed due to various diseases

What are the Advantages of Egg Freezing Process for the Expectant Mother?

Due to factors such as living conditions and career planning, women postpone their plans to have children until later ages. However, as women get older, the probability of getting pregnant decreases.

In order to control this negative effect, egg cells collected by stimulating the ovaries in the early period can be stored with the same efficiency for many years.

In this way, at what age women want to get pregnant, the quality and age of their eggs will be at the time of the freezing process.