EGG DONATION (anonymous donor)

Nicosia IVF Centre

Egg donation is done by fertilizing the egg cells obtained by in vitro fertilization with sperm from the recipient woman's husband and transferring the embryo to the recipient woman's uterus.

It can be said that this application is the only method that can ensure pregnancy for women who cannot conceive with their own egg cells.

Who Is Egg Donation Recommended For?

  • Women who have ovaries but do not produce eggs
  • Early menopause conditions
  • Couples with multiple failed IVF attempts
  • Women whose ovaries have been damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Women whose ovarian functions are not sufficient due to advanced age
  • Women whose ovaries were surgically removed
  • Cases with poor egg quality in previous IVF trials

What are the Donor Criteria?

  • To be between 20-30 years of age
  • Having no problems with necessary blood tests, including serological, infectious diseases and chromosome analysis
  • Preferably having a previous healthy birth
  • Having a clear family history from any genetic or physical disease

What is the Egg Donation Procedure?

The recipient woman needs the necessary preparation for the implantation of the embryo. Hormonal support is required in this process. For this, the treatment is arranged by us. Embryo transfer is planned when the intrauterine is sufficient for the baby to settle. This pretreatment period is approximately 14-16 days.

Egg Donation Treatment Process

  1. The proper egg donor is prepared by our centre.
  2. The expectant mother starts using oral contraceptives and then drugs that thicken the inner wall of the uterus.During this time, ultrasound controls are also performed.
    This process can be carried out from your place of location.
  3. The drugs are continued for about 14-16 days.
  4. During this period, the father-to-be comes to our center and gives a sperm sample. The father-to-be does not need to stay for this procedure. After being in our center for a few hours, they can return the same day. There is no need for the mother-to-be to be in our center on the same day, if they wish, expectant parents can stay in Cyprus for 3 days.
  5. The expectant mother should be present at our center for the transfer process 3 days after the sperm delivery. During this period, the expectant mother also uses hormone medication. The expectant mother can return after the transfer process. There is no need to be a father-to-be in the transfer process.
  6. 12 days after the transfer, the expectant mother can learn the result by taking a blood pregnancy test in the city where she is located. The mother continues to use some hormonal drugs after the transfer process is over.