Nicosia In Vitro Fertilisation Centre

Nicosia IVF,first established in 1997,twenty-four years ago under the management of founder and chief physician Op.Dr. Mehmet Emin Kaptan,as Women Health and Birth Clinic and starting from 2002,our facility become a pioneer IVF Hospital in North Cyprus.

Starting from 2002,we provide Women Health and Birth services for more than 30.000 women and IVF treatments for more than 8.000 couples .Among these IVF treatments,almost 75% includes donations.

In these 20 years period,our success rates have reached 85%. Even 30% of our patients re-consult us for a second sibling.

We carried our experiences to a 1800 m2 modern facility which is fully equipped with the latest technology and is located in the city centre of Lefkoşa.Sterile floors are covered with antistatic material which conforms to surgical standarts.

Our facility and operating rooms are equipped with HEPA CLASS B filters that help us to provide a healthy and sterile environment to our patients.

Nowadays, new techniques are opening doors for couples that are experiencing conception problems and might be in need for assisted reproduction.There is even hope for couples who have tried unsuccesfully to conceive for many years.

For Nicosia IVF,the assisted reproduction process is not only about the high-tech medical procedures,but an important aspect is also the phychological well-being of our patients.

In Nicosia IVF ,we have an embriology unit and labaratory which conform to all necessary standarts and completely isolated from the outside environment. There is a semen sample collection room,a modern operating room,fully equipped examination rooms,comfortable and elegant patient rooms,meeting rooms where you can have your private conversation with your patient coordinators.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our facility in order to plan your miraculous journey together.